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Becoming an Affiliate is easy, profitable & FREE!

We'll provide you with everything you need- your unique affiliate link to sell from, high quality banner ads and text links.

Active Member (Person who is not invested) will get fixed 3% affiliate commission for introducing investors (not come under any below slab)

We are interested in increasing our fund assets, and so we offer our customers a affiliate system offering up to 15% commission for main deposit received from your affiliates.

Member Status Investors Introduced Commission
(Without self investment)
- 3%
Silver 1 to 5 8%
Gold 6 to 25 10%
Diamond 26 to 75 and $250,000 minimum investment from affiliates 12%
Platinum Above 75 and $500,000 minimum investment from affiliates 15%

Start earning in 3 easy steps!

Open an Account
Refer Friends
Earn Income
Once you login to your trader panel you will get banners with associate link, which you can use for posting blog, email and forum.

Referral system encourages customers to make our service more popular and make money from it too by becoming a real partner of the company. Our referral system is unique as it opens up limitless opportunities for all Internet users.

Everyone can be engaged in investing and simultaneously participate in our referral system, or simply be a partner and build an own global business while being a partner of a successful investment company. The participation in the referral system implies referring new clients to Bixo Trade through a personal referral link. Each client can find a referral partner link in the account area.

The personal affiliate link has the following format: https://www.bixotrade.com/affiliate-reg/member-id

Affiliate Banners

728 X 90

468 x 60

250 x 250

120 x 60

160 x 600

BECOME OUR PARTNER IN Trade & start your journey to success

Bixo Trade platform will be perfect for those who search for a simple but reliable way to invest on Forex & Cryptocurrency.

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