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Adapting to the constantly changing market conditions

The Forex and Cryptocurrency markets go through a never-ending fluctuation. The daily average Forex turnover is approximately 5.3 trillion dollars therefore; a constant analysis of the market conditions is mandatory for an individual or an organization to sustain for a longer term in this ecosystem. We at Bixo Trade prioritize updating and upgrading our AI neuron technology which helps our trading experts to trade on the right assets at the right time. Thus, with our Omni-directional expertise we are able to provide up to 2% passive returns along with eye catching affiliate program.

With Bixo Trade, investors choose one of our three simple Packages, make a deposit and sit back while our experts do the work. One can invest any number of times using one Bixo Trade account. They can withdraw their initial deposit after maturity and schedule withdrawals quickly and easily through our website. If you have been looking for an easy to use Cryptocurrency and Forex investment platform, choose Bixo Trade now and let our professionals help you choose an investment plan that meets your needs today.

Our main business is Cryptocurrency and Forex trading with future expansion across various sectors. Our engineers, experts and self-learning bots will design accurate trading plans to meet customer profit requirements every day. Our team has experience of more than 15 years on an average. Bixo Trade will also invest in a variety of ICO projects depending on the current market to maximize profits, and your profits will be diversified and stabilized at Bixo Trade.

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Bixo Trade is made up of a young team of financial experts who are focused on creating profitable Bitcoin and Forex investment solutions. From our CEO, Benjamin Gimson, our coder and day traders, to our night traders and support staff, we have many years of experience in the financial market and specialize in Bitcoin and Forex trading.

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We primarily use four trading strategies namely Arbitrage Trading, Scalping, Day Trading and CFD trading. With Bixo Bots, a self-learning algorithm, we are able to analyse past trading performance and predict future price speculations and trade accordingly to make profits. Also with our analytical bots we stay updated with all the new market insights so that our trading bots can be updated with new algorithms according to the current market trends to make constant profits.

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Bixo Trade Advantages

  • Guaranteed profit
  • No risk of loosing capital
  • High Leverage & No Commissions
  • No International Boundaries
  • Low Initial Deposit

Management Team

team member
Benjamin Gimson
CEO of Bixo Trade

A young Forex trader with his own distinctive trading strategies has been leveraging financial stability with forex investments since 2010. Now a CEO of one of the most sophisticated forex and crypto trading platforms. The 27-year-old Mr Benjamin is not only the CEO of Bixo Trade, but also a member of the administration of Bixo Fintech which is the parent company of Bixo Trade.

He started trading Forex at a very young age and realised that there is a lot of money there to be earned. The foreign exchange financial market is the largest in the world, with more than $6.5 trillion in trade. It is known for its high-risk nature, and high capital requirements. This is why it is mostly traded by banks and large corporates. However, Mr. Benjamin claims to have simplified it for himself through his own unique strategies which have been giving him high returns for a longer time. As he gained more experience, he got the idea of starting his own business venture and helping other young people around the globe to leverage from the Forex and online investing opportunities.

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Sophia Clare
Chief Marketing Officer

I am a marketing professional with a proven track record in leading both B2B and B2C Marketing teams. Apart from defining and running effective demand generation programs to drive pipeline creation, my expertise lies in creating marketing programs spanning digital and social, events, content assets, PR, and analyst relations to support business objectives. I bring to the table, extensive experience collaborating with senior leadership, solutions & sales teams in the Finance & Blockchain industry. I thrive on identifying and building partnership programs to support business expansion.

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Austin Blake
Chief Technical Officer

Accomplished senior technology officer with over 12+ years of demonstrated career success, developing and executing operational strategies to promote organizational growth and optimal utilization of emerging technologies. Extensive experience leading operations for Technology, Business development and Financial Software development within diverse range of industries with full P&L responsibility. Decisive leader of operational capabilities of organizations of varying size and scope. Results oriented professional, recognized for taking on major initiatives, adapting to rapidly changing environments and resolving mission critical issues to ensure bottom line success.

team member
Steven Lowell
Chief Information Officer

Interconnected Information Management disciplines to deliver value-based programs with commitment, shared purpose, and achievement of enterprise goals in the financial sector. He is an established data-driven and highly-informed personnel with great decision making skills. Expert at developing metrics for executive management teams to gain foresight into market conditions, trends and providing capabilities to answer the really hard “What If” questions. With an increased understanding of financial performance through use of metrics, data visualization and executive scorecards, he is a real asset for any organization.

We aim to provide the best investment options to everyone.

Our variety of accepted deposit options should cater to the majority of crypto currency holders around.

Bixo Trade is a first block chain based Forex crypto currency Trading Index Fund. We provide service marketplace which are completely driven by artificial intelligence technology. Bixo Trade has its own unique features which makes it intrinsically different than the most funds present in the market. We are growing faster than anyone can imagine. We want to say thanks to our investors who are believing in us to take new steps every day. Our team members have wide range of experience and are experts in the crypto currency and Forex based index fund domain. Bixo Trade is developed with one goal in mind, to create a global decentralized and transparent network for the people to diversify investment and secure their financial freedom.

Artificial intelligence Trading in Crypto and Forex

To control something is to foresee it. That is why we created a self-learning trading network. Bixo Trade AI allows you to make successful trading transactions every second. The innovative trading system, which is based on constantly self-improving AI, allows the Bixo Trade community to anticipate the market situation and always be one step ahead.

Bixo Trade AI analytics

Analytical bots, the task of which is to collect and process accessible information from media publications, blogs and social networks. Analysis of insider information, making forecasts and identifying planned informational throws. Automatic correlation of the information received with the general situation on the market, on the largest trading platforms and the construction of hypothesis.

Bixo Trade AI trading

These are self-learning robots that implement trading strategies based on previously collected data from Bixo Trade AI analytics. They control the bets made by other market participants and their relationship to the total amount of funds on the site. Having a sufficient number of collective means of participants of the platform, in real time to influence the movement of the market of a certain cryptocurrency and Forex or the whole market.

Bixo Trade AI neural network

The neural network is an "interactive brain", with a set of algorithms for classification and forecasting, analyzing market indicators, the behavior of large market-makers and trading robots. Verifies previously made hypothesis and creates new ones, which ensures continuous learning and reduces risks to a minimum.

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